What’s Really Stopping You From Being Productive?

Half of the current workforce feels like they aren’t being productive enough. If you count yourself among the 50% that feel that way, finding out why you are unproductive is the first step in fixing it. 

Our short guide will help you find out what’s making you unproductive and how to fix it. So get comfortable and keep reading! 

You’re Distracted  #

Distraction is one of the biggest reasons why we don’t stay productive when we need to. Whether it’s working with the TV on, noisy surroundings, or keeping your social media open in another tab, it’s hard to stay productive if we can’t focus on work. 

One way to combat this is to set up your work area to be free of distractions. Keep noise to a minimum, make sure the area is well organized, and keep your area clutter-free. 

To boost productivity at home, set up your work area in a room with no TV and away from your bedroom. Make sure to put your phone on silent and only keep tabs open for the task you are currently working on. 

If you work in an office, close your office door or consider noise-canceling headphones to reduce noise. Avoid having your email open as well since this is one of the biggest inhibitors of productivity. 

You’re Not Prioritizing the Right Tasks #

Once you’ve got your work area sorted, it’s time to get your priorities in line. Most people waste time on busy work tasks. These tasks are low-priority and can wait for more important tasks to be done first. 

You can help prioritize your tasks using a bullet journal list. This can help you write out your workload and rate the importance of each task and stay motivated. We have a great digital bullet journal list available here.

Procrastination #

When we find a task uninteresting or intimidating, we tend to avoid that task. Procrastination is also known to give us a shot of dopamine, or the hormone associated with pleasure. 

Sometimes we procrastinate because we don’t know where to start on a task or project. Or we may not view that task as important. 

Whatever the reason, once recognize why you’re procrastinating with certain tasks, you’ll be able to address them. You can start to recognize your reasons using a bullet journal to record things like your mood and daily habits and write out task lists. 

When you look back into your journal, you can look at your task list to see what you got done and what you were procrastinating on. You can also look at your trackers for those days to see if you notice any recurring themes. 

Poor Time-Management  #

When we don’t practice good time management skills, our work days can feel hectic. Like we’re doing too much at once and not getting anything done. This can seriously put us behind when we’re trying to be productive. 

To fix this, try setting clear goals for your day in a planner. This gives you a visual representation of what you have to do, helping you stay with your workflow. 

Need Help Being Productive? #

Elisiapp is a great resource for making sure you’re being productive, reaching your goals, and helping you keep track of life overall. Don’t forget to check our blog for inspiration on using your digital planner to stay motivated and productive.

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