How To Set Goals and Achieve Them

Knowing how to set goals and achieve them is one of those things that everyone talks about, but few people can explain how and why.

There are some alarming statistics, as noted by HQ Hire. For example, 84% of people do not set goals. However, people who do set goals and have a realistic action plan are 76% more likely to reach the goals. 

Goal-setting is a skill. Like any other skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll be at it. It helps you stand out in the workplace and improves your own life every time you apply it. This goal-setting guide will help you do both. 

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them  #

There are many goal-setting methods that you can use. Most of them made are easy to remember with acronyms like SMART or CLEAR. These goals are created by following the map of the acronyms:

SMART Goals #


CLEAR Goals #


Use these (or whatever other method makes sense for you) to define your goals. Give yourself some time to think it through. Make sure that you understand why this goal is important. 

The next step is critical: Write them down! #

People who write down their goals are 42% more likely to reach them. If you ask highly successful people for advice about how to achieve your goals, they will inevitably talk about the importance of writing them down. Some even insist that you should write down your goals twice a day as one of the top goal-setting tips.

Better than that, though, is the digital option of a goal-setting app. With this, you’ll have access to your written goals everywhere you go. The right app can help you learn to be productive instead of busy

Motivation and Action #

While it’s important to set goals that are both smart and clear, goals only work if you can stay motivated and see them through to completion. 

Whether it’s personal or business, your goals should be aligned with your mission. Having this alignment helps to maintain motivation. And when motivation lags, you can look at your mission to remind you of why you wanted to set goals in the first place. 

You need a strong list of tasks that will drive you toward your goals. Create to-do lists that help you get things done more effectively.

Each thing you complete should bring you closer to your goals. If it doesn’t serve that purpose, reconsider whether it should be on the list. 

Put Goal-Setting Tips to Work for You #

Define your goals. Write them down. Create to-dos that get more done. Stay aligned with your mission to stay motivated. Use tools that keep you on track.

Now that you know how to set goals and achieve them, you can do more than you ever thought possible. With a tool like Elisi, which is backed by science, you’ll reach those goals even faster. Get started with Elisi today.

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