10 Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

All over the world, people are wishing for more time while they do things that actively waste time. Some studies show that nearly half of all Americans want to hit the gym but feel like they can’t find the time. Meanwhile, it’s reported that people in the United Kingdom lose more than 600 hours each year sitting on hold. 

You can learn to work smarter not harder. With the 10 tips in this productivity guide, you’ll increase productivity and find more time in your day to do the things you care about doing.

Work Smarter Not Harder While Working #

The first half of this list is work-focused. While you won’t always have the option to leave work early when everything is done, you can use these productivity tips to help you work smarter whether you’re in an office, working remotely, or self-employed. 

1. Be Concise #

In emails, meetings, and online chat sessions with coworkers, get to the point quickly. Assume colleagues already know what you’re talking about and leave space for them to ask questions. 

2. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts  #

It sounds simple, but that’s the point. Keeping your hands on the keyboard and using shortcuts instead of switching to the mouse and back repeatedly saves time. 

3. Measure Your Results (Not Your Time) #

The point of learning to work smarter not harder is to save time. However, if you track accomplishments (instead of how long it takes), you’ll be motivated by the results and be resistant to distractions. 

4. Use Tools for Productivity #

The tools that make a difference are the ones that help you create stronger routines and habits within yourself. Try the GTD technique as a skill-building tool. 

5. Know Your Mental Energy Cycles #

Some people are more creative in the morning and more task-oriented in the afternoons, or vice-versa. Find your patterns and schedule your workload accordingly. 

Work Smarter Not Harder at Not Working #

The second half of this list will help you not work harder. Taking some for yourself during your workday will increase your productivity. Plus, you’ll have a healthier balance in your life overall. 

6. Get Up Early #

Schedule your bedtime so that you can get up 30 minutes earlier than normal. Enjoy the quiet morning to start your day off without a hectic rush.

7. Spend Time in Nature #

Take a walk around the building or around your block at home each day. Getting some sun and fresh air is a good “best practice” for your life.

8. Take Care of YOU #

Stop working to take breaks regularly. Use the time to have a healthy snack, stretch out, and keep in touch with friends. 

9. Say “No” More Often #

Once you’ve learned how to increase productivity, don’t allow others to take advantage by dragging you into their projects. Instead, use your newfound time to learn a skill that makes you a bigger asset. 

10. Use Self-Care Techniques  #

The Pomodoro Timer is a great place to start. It helps you block 5-minute increments to move your body between work sessions. 

Wrapping Up  #

With these 10 ways to increase productivity, you can start learning to work smarter not harder.

Take your mission a step further and use the Elisi App to help you stay on track throughout your workday. 

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