How to Create an Evening Routine for a Successful Tomorrow

You wake up in the morning; you’re tired and groggy because you were up working late last night. You scramble to get ready for the day and skip breakfast to save time. By 10 you can’t concentrate on work because your stomach is starting to growl from not eating breakfast. 

This is why an evening routine can make all the difference in starting a new day. It can help you keep a good work/life balance, set yourself us for success tomorrow, and keep your mental health in line too. 

Defining a Shut-Down Ritual #

This is exactly how it sounds: a small 5-10 minute ritual that helps your brain switch from work mode to relaxation mode. Start your shut-down ritual with a brain dump in your journal or by planning your next day.

Then give yourself a signal that your work day is done. This can be closing your laptop for the rest of the day, saying, “my work is done,” or an alarm on your phone. 

This helps you set firm boundaries between your work and personal life. Allowing you to reconnect with yourself and relax before going to bed, resulting in a better night’s rest.

Building Habits  #

Try setting your alarm for an hour before going to bed. This can serve as a cue to help you stick to the habits you’re trying to form. 

You can start out by adding one step to the new routine at a time. This way, you’re not overwhelming yourself with new routines. 

Try tracking your habits in a bullet journal to see your progress. This is also a great way to stay motivated and dedicated to keeping your new routine. 

Make Sure the New Evening Routine Fits You #

Don’t try to make any lifestyle changes that won’t fit into your life. If the routine is something that would fit naturally into your current lifestyle, you’re more likely to keep your new routine. 

You also want to be sure this new routine will fit in with your long-term goals. That way, it’s not hindering you from reaching those goals. 

Set Up For Tomorrow  #

If there are things you skip in the mornings because it seems like too much work after just waking up, try to prep for it the night before.

For example, if you have problems eating breakfast in the mornings because there’s too much prep. Try something like overnight oats that you can prepare the night before and just grab it in the morning. 

You can also set out the clothes you plan to wear to help cut down the time it takes you to get ready. Try to set out everything you’ll need for work as well. That way, you don’t forget anything or feel rushed. 

Balance Your Life With Us  #

Following these simple steps should get you started on creating your own nightly routine. Just remember to plan out your next day so you can prepare ahead of time. Don’t forget to keep track of your new habits too! 

Elisi App is a great way to help you stick to your new evening routine and reach all of your goals. We have tools like our list builder to increase productivity, and a habit tracker to keep your habits in check. Be sure to check out our blog for inspiration and tips to get you started! 

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