7 Benefits of Using a Bullet Journal App

In the United States, 54% of people surveyed admitted to being overwhelmed by clutter. And when your space is cluttered, so is your mind.

Living in a cluttered space comes at a cost: your productivity. People who live in clutter are less productive and more likely to develop bad habits. However, there is a way to help yourself get on top of everything, and we’ll tell you about it.

If you battle with clutter or want to learn to be more organized, keep reading. We’re exploring some benefits you can gain from using a bullet journal app.

1. A Bullet Journal App is Convenient #

Carrying around a paper bullet journal can get quite bulky, especially if you’re a woman who doesn’t carry a large handbag. The benefit of using a digital bullet journal is that it’s conveniently stored on your smartphone, and you can access it whenever you want and get things done.

2. No Extra Stationery is Required #

If you use a traditional bullet journal, you must make space in your handbag for your stationery. By bullet journaling digitally, you can edit your bullet journal pages to reflect the style you want without carrying any bulky stationery.

3. Undo Errors Easily #

Unless you write exclusively in pencil (which we don’t advise for paper bullet journaling), if you make a mistake, it’s there unless you white out the error. And even then, the whiteout is easily visible. Another benefit of using a bullet journal app is you can ‘Undo’ any errors and redo them. No mess, no fuss.

4. Save Your Work in the Cloud #

Digital bullet journals often run on or can be backed up to the cloud. This means that no matter where you are or whether you lose your device, you will still have access to your bullet journal app when you need it. Losing your physical bullet journal means you’ve lost all your effort and hard work.

5. Search #

Another benefit of using a bullet journal app is the ability to search all your entries. If you’re looking to remember when you last completed an action, it’s simple and quick to use the app’s search function. You would need to page back in a paper bullet journal to find previous entries, which will take longer.

6. Copy/Paste #

One of the most significant advantages of using a bullet journal app is the ability to copy and paste your information. Suppose you’ve made a highly complex habit tracker for January. It would take you hours to repeat the entire layout manually for each month. Instead, you can copy your custom bullet journal layout and paste it again as many times as you need to.

7. Templates, Templates, Templates #

Finally, another advantage of using a digital bullet journal is the ability to download premade templates. These can help, especially if you’re not creative, are new to bullet journaling, and need help knowing where to begin. Once you’re more familiar with bullet journaling options, you can edit and tweak the templates to match your style.

Download Our Bullet Journal App Today #

There are many benefits to gain from using a bullet journal. However, deciding between a paper bullet journal or a digital bullet journal app can sometimes be tricky. Going the digital route is an excellent option if you are a minimalist and want access to your bullet journal wherever you go.

If you need to get yourself organized, then visit our website to see our bullet journal app and download it today.

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