Change Your Life: 7 Ways to Get Better Organized in 2023

Don’t be busy. Be productive.

This past year was poignantly prophesied when Shakespeare’s Hamlet claimed “the time is out of joint– oh cursed spite, that ever I was born to set it right.” 

It’s true that 2022 was thoroughly out of joint. Let’s face it: no one accomplished what they intended. 

However, a new year is upon us. 2023 is the perfect opportunity to start organizing your life better. If there were ever a chance to set time right, as it were, it’s the new year. 

As such, this guide examines 7 ways to better organize your life. Now is your chance to get things in order. 

1) Make a Planner #

Whether you prefer paper and pen or phone planning apps, starting a planner is a key tip to organizing your life. 

Keep track of everything from your dentist appointments to due dates for bills. Consider using bullet-point lists, small entries, or shorthand notes. Keeping a planner is the most effective way to optimize your time. 

2) Take Down Notes #

Writing things down is a common habit for organized people. Chiefly, this tip will help improve your memory. It’s amazing how much more likely you are to remember something written down.

Try it with your grocery items, movie titles you want to see, or new names. Watch your life become more organized. 

3) Create Checklists  #

Checklists are an excellent tool for organizing your time. Make a new list every single day. The sense of accomplishment from checking an item off a list is rewarding. 

Furthermore, checklists will optimize efficiency throughout the day. Make sure the list limits itself to 5-10 items. More than that will feel daunting and unachievable. 

4) Personal Deadlines #

Too many irons in the fire lead to stress. If you have things that need to be finished such as home projects, set personal deadlines. Too many half-finished projects are a gateway to disorganization.

Create a timeline for every project and finish the job.

5) Proactivity Over Procrastination #

This is no longer the freshman year of high school. Procrastination is not in vogue. The longer you procrastinate a project, the more painful and stressful it will become to complete it. 

Instead, concentrate on a proactive lifestyle. When you have the time, try to get stressful things done and out of the way as early as possible. 

A proactive attitude helps with organization. 

6) Build a Routine #

While the checklist helps organize the different things you do every day, a routine is tailored to organizing repeated tasks. 

During the week, build a routine for everything you must accomplish. Set a time for going to the gym, walking the dog, and even cooking meals.

Stick with this routine and you will find your days becoming more organized.  

7) Keep Your Workspaces Clean #

A final tip for how to get better organized is keeping your workspaces clean. Clutter is fuel for a disorganized life. The kitchen, your desk, the garage, or where ever you work, find a spot for everything. 

Whenever you finish a project, return things to their proper place. This will give you a sense of organization. 

If you have outer order, you will have an inner order. 

Organize Your Life And Start the Year Off Right #

Depending on your lifestyle, some of these tips should help you organize your life in the new year. Try the ones you think will help and “set time back in joint.”

If you want to put the plan to action, try the Elisi app today. 

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