3 Reasons Why Clutter Makes You Less Productive

Our environment contributes significantly to our mental health and productivity. If there is clutter all over the place, you are likely to be stressed, depressed, or easily distracted when working. Therefore, let us look at how you can clear clutter and create and organize your space for improved productivity.

Decreases Focus and Causes Tension and Confusion #

Our minds constantly process everything that we see in front of us. So, if anything in plain view is not related to the task at hand, our mind will eventually drift toward it no matter how hard we try not to focus on it. The situation worsens when there is too much clutter. Clutter could overwhelm the brain and eventually reduce working memory.

Contributes to Stress, Anxiety and Depression #

Too much clutter raises the level of the stress hormone, known as cortisol, in your body. In addition, the more clutter builds up, the more you are likely to become worried about cleaning it up, leading to anxiety, more stress, and depression.

Slows You Down #

When everything is all over the place, it could take a lot of time to find something you are looking for, which may be important for your work. Clutter may even slow you down when trying to get around. Furthermore, the stress, anxiety, and lack of focus caused by clutter could make you slow when working on the task at hand.

Tips on Cleaning Out Clutter #

Decide What Is and Isn’t Clutter #

The first step to decluttering is determining what is and isn’t clutter. You can go about this by asking yourself the following questions:

• Does that particular item need work? – If you have any unfinished projects or anything that requires fixing, you should act on them first. But, if that item or project has been staying that way for a long time, that only means it isn’t useful enough for you or your work.

• Is it useful or not? – Anything that you are not constantly using and is in your space is clutter. Also, if you don’t have a compelling reason to have a particular item around you, toss it out.

Organize Your Space #

Anything that is left behind that is not clutter should be neatly organized based on its practicality. This means keeping the things you regularly use much closer or in a place you can get easy access.

Practice Minimalism #

For instance, a pen could be useful for you in your workstation, but you don’t need to have two or more; only one is enough. Apply the principle of minimalism in everything that you have around your workstation or in your home. The only things you should keep around are items that you need.

Decluttering is very important because it gives you better clarity and peace of mind, and it helps to engage your mind on what you are doing. You’ll also gain a sense of control over your environment. In the process, you become highly creative and productive when doing anything.

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