Habit Tracking with Bullet Journaling

Are you living in a house full of clutter? Does your mind feel equally as cluttered? You’re not alone. 27% of Americans say clutter is their number one pet peeve.

So how do you get a handle on your clutter? There are several methods you can try, but one that is proving successful for many is using a bullet journal for habit tracking. In addition, you can create calendars, creative layouts, etc., to record habit progress here.

So if you want to try habit tracking with a bullet journal, keep reading. Here are some things you should know when you begin.

What is a Bullet Journal? #

A bullet journal is a type of diary that one creates to help better themselves by tracking habits, organizing, and reflecting. A bullet journal, or BuJo, is where you can log your to-do list, bullet journal calendar, daily calendar, notes, shopping lists, life goals, etc.

One of the most common reasons people use a bullet journal is for habit tracking. For example, if you want to go to bed earlier, you can record the time you climb into bed every night and see how often you stick to your goal.

A bullet journal is often the encouragement people need to change. When they see their progress on paper, it rewards them with a dopamine hit. This, in turn, encourages you to keep going.

What Habits Should You Be Tracking? #

If you’re new to bullet journaling, you may need to learn what habits you should be tracking. The easy answer is any habit you want. But, if you need some inspiration to get you going, you can follow the following habits:

  • Water Intake: Make it a habit to drink at least one cup of water a day
  • Yoga/Exercise: Record your workout days and see how often you stick to them
  • No Alcohol: If you often overindulge, tracking the days you don’t drink can be motivation to continue
  • No Caffeine: Too much caffeine can be unhealthy, so record the days you don’t drink anything caffeinated
  • No Spending: Saving is essential, so record the days you don’t go out and spend frivolously
  • Reading: We all need time away from screens, so have a reading tracker to track the books you read throughout the year
  • Intimacy: Recording how often you and your partner make love can bring to light any lulls which you can change before they happen
  • Journaling: Experts recommend journaling your thoughts, so encourage yourself to follow through with a journaling tracker

How To Track Your Habits #

There are many layout ideas that you can find on the web or find pictures of creative layouts that you can recreate for yourself. You can either record week by week or month by month. Use colors to denote different habits and add as many as you want to track.

If you’re not creative, you can skip the colors and make them as simple as you need. There is no right or wrong way. For example, some people create circles to track their habits, some use squares, and others use lines.

Start Habit Tracking Today for a Peaceful Mind #

Habit tracking in a bullet journal is a great way to get on track with your life. If you’re looking to improve your habits, then recording them on paper is an excellent way to get an overview of your patterns. This will show you the areas you need to focus on for improvement.

If a paper bullet journal is not for you, check our mobile bullet journal app and start yours today.

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