💡Meet New Elisi in 2023

Looking back at 2022, each of us seems to be living in a state of disorder and disfocus, starting at the beginning of the year with a war that we don’t know when it will end, and a tornado-like condition sweeping the country at the end of the year. The junction of work and life dissolves in the home office, and the relationship with family and friends becomes increasingly distant and indifferent.

In the 《Burnout Society》, it is written that in modern society, we are in a constant exploitation of self-consumption, and our attention is increasingly marginalized as we try to improve our performance. In this overworked state, we have less and less time to spare and find it difficult to devote real focus and interest to a task.
We turn our tired eyes away from the screen and realize that we are all the same, not knowing what the future holds for 2023. But we are just as likely to still have the courage to start over.

That’s why, after the early 2023 recovery, we first planned a free Mindstream Boot Camp to help everyone rediscover the joy of focus. A full suite of courses to help Elisi users understand the nature of efficient living is also free to members. Elisi’s original intention remains the same, to help everyone achieve their ideal life.

During the year Elisi has spent with you, people have generally given us feedback on our merit : Freedom that Free from being defined.

Unlike most software, we don’t have a universal process, we don’t have quick templates, and we don’t have “one perfect way to use Elisi”. We have always believed that your life should not be a copy of someone else’s, no matter how good it looks. The best way for you is to build it by yourself.
Behind the full platform synchronization and seven functional modules is the concept of leaving the ideal life to the users to define themselves. The way each user uses Elisi is very different, because each person has a unique map to the ideal life in their mind. That’s why the content of our poster is simply four words: your goal, your progress.

I can’t spoil the surprise by talking about the new version of Elisi 1.0, which will be available in the next few months, but I’ll tell you what’s going to happen in the new version.
UI renew
Yes, our UI is about to be revamped. The UI, which has not been changed significantly since 2018, will meet you with a new look this time, with a lighter and fresher color scheme, hopefully in line with your expectations.

Each module has its own unique color scheme, giving you an interface that is both crisp and clear, and these enhancements are about to be seen more clearly in the next feature.

Tree structure
What is more important is the function. On our Roadmap, you are most concerned about two topics, one is the sub-tasks, and the other is the association of tasks.
After going live with goals, the most frequent feedback we get is that goals get forgotten and just slapping a goal on a task doesn’t really help with the goal. You need to have a global view, and the brush needs to be in your hand to make this map to the goal.
In 1.0, all these big problems will be optimized with our creative “tree structure”, which has no equivalent in the world by far.

In the tree structure, you can expand any matter into a tree: habits, to-dos, even notes. This tree can be hung with a lot of notes, to-do’s and habits.
This will revolutionize your previous experience of efficiency: you will be able to break down any one thing in detail and, in the process, no longer lose sight of your main goal. This hierarchical and clear listing will also help you to be more clear about the real task at hand.
Imagine how you will use this particular feature. I’ve thought of many, many more, but I won’t tell you yet 😋

A further preview
There are two other topics that we will focus on next year: one is AI planner. We noticed that a mutual help atmosphere can greatly improve your motivation, so the design of AI has been completed and will soon be the next most important task. Planning with AI will be a game-changing experience unlike anything you have ever done before.
The other is the evaluation of adding images. Since our underlying logic does not include images as a medium, adding images will involve a rewrite of our core code in addition to the expected cost, which is a major issue that we have been thinking about for a long time and will start working on this big project this year.
If you have any suggestions or stories you’d like to share with us, or if you have your own insights and feelings, even if it’s just about the little things in life, feel free to chat with me on whatsapp. We will regularly collect these user stories and share them with you.

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