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Elisi’s goal system originated from our design concept, from bullet notes all-in-one to life management, the goal is still a simple initial version, but there is already a lot of feedbacks from users who actually feel it helps, we will iterate a more effective goal system in the next year.

About goals #

The importance of setting a good goal for persistence is self-evident. Thinking back to your dusted plans, isn’t it simply because you can’t convince yourself to persist? If you find your deep inner motivation, persistence and self-drive will happen naturally.
Your goal setting can simply start with a blank sheet of paper, starting with three days.

Specific Steps #

Two entry points for new goals

Goals on the left menu bar, click on +

Goals in the bottom filter bar, click +
Free users can have 3 goals at the same time, and premium users have 5 goals. The reason why you can’t set an unlimited number of goals is that once there are more than 5 goals, stastically you just won’t make it work.

Three simple suggestions for creating goals:

  • Conform to the SMART principle
  • Identify key results and set expectations
  • Effective review processes, such as PDCA

Multiple ways of goal association
In the editing of any matter, you can do it in relation to the goal.
(Cycle tasks cannot be associated with goals at the moment because they are a series of tasks, this will be fixed in the next release)

Goal statistics
In addition to the goals you can see in the style, you can also see the overall statistics and this week’s statistics in the goal management, into the goal details page, you can see the specific completion status, divided into completed and incomplete, and you can see the spending statistics under this goal.

The way I use my goal statistics is to focus on the correlation again when I review every day, think about what matters completed today are related to the goal, pay attention to my progress and adjust next week’s plan in time.
The following is my weekly review as recorded in my KPT notes.

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