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Elisi AI version 1.0 is now online!

Update log for May 17: Released ElisiAI 1.0, enabling conversation. Available to Elisi members without usage restrictions.

Elisi AI : #

AI entrance: bottom right corner,say Hi

Enter Elisi again if you are not seeing AI.

AI availability: Elisi premium only

New users can use redeem code “8C4K9S” to receive one month of free premium to try Elisi AI.

Existing users can invite friends to obtain premium, the invite feature is in Account-Share Elisi.

Instructions for using AI:

  1. Conversation is equivalent to chatGPT, using the 3.5 turbo engine, with context memory. For specific usage instructions, please refer to How to Efficiently Use chatGPT.
  2. The storage limit is 100 messages, and old information exceeding 100 messages will not be saved. You can click the trash can button in the upper right corner to manually clear the conversation.
  3. Half an hour after leaving the conversation window, the conversation information will be cleared.
  4. For privacy and security considerations, your conversation with the AI will not be synchronized to other devices.

Next Update: #

Ongoing 2.0 development design includes:

Let an AI with all the knowledge help you make changes
The team is autonomously adjusting our chatGPT, improving its abilities and evolving towards “how to efficiently help users grow”. In addition to its basic abilities to help you write weekly reports, take notes on books, solve problems, and search the internet, Elisi AI will focus more on “helping you make changes”. We have been using knowledge from various fields (mainly psychology) to try and enable the AI to identify states such as confusion, procrastination, ADHD, anxiety, and depression in just a few conversations, and provide targeted solutions based on your personal needs.

Elisi AI will be a low-cost and highly effective life coach, and you will be surprised at the effectiveness of its suggestions.

Planning master
Working with all the modules of Elisi, it will help you quickly make plans and record your schedule. For instance, if you say “help me make a 30-day exercise plan”, it will generate a 30-day plan; if you say “remind me to send an email at 3 pm tomorrow”, it will directly generate the corresponding task. Compared to automatic semantics, what it improves is the ability to plan and generate specific, executable plans that are suitable for most people, eliminating the need for searching and self-editing. Elisi uses ChatGPT to generate plans for you with just one click, such as “help me make a one-month plan to prepare for the English Level 6 exam”, and ElisiAI will generate multiple tasks for you. You can then add suitable tasks to your plan page with just one click, significantly improving the scientific, customized, and efficient planning.

We expect to spend the most effort in this part, training a reasonable planning master for various fields such as exercise, learning, and exams. If it is good enough, we will directly let Elisi users test it internally.

One-click save AI replies to Elisi notes.

Helps you save the copy-paste time and focus more on your true goals.

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