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Week-based planning method
Do you always download efficiency software, add a lot of things on the first day, don’t finish them, and then nothing more?
Do you like to make long term plans, like setting annual goals, but never take the first step to execute them?
52 weekly plans to help you start a year that really starts to change
Weekly plans are focused on the present moment, compared to monthly plans
More flexible and effective execution compared to daily plans.
Don’t overestimate what you can do in a day and don’t underestimate what you can do in a week, start with the Elisi weekly plan.

Weekly views #

Elisi is displayed in weeks by default, you can choose month view as well
Support adding subtasks, reminders, turn to activity (record events) and cycle tasks, associated goals

  • Change week at the top
  • Tap left menu ≡ to month view
  • Below the week switcher, there is a time progress bar for the year
  • Right button to quickly go back to today
  • Tap + to quickly add tasks and drag to move tasks
  • When today is Friday – Monday, there will be buttons to move expiring tasks to today (or customize which day)

Recurring Tasks #

What are Recurring tasks? What is the difference with habit?
Recurring task is to create repeat task in a specified time period according to days/weeks/months/years
For instance, the 20min HIIT is one of my exercise plans, which Elisi will remind me every 2 days

  • Recurring tasks can not be dragged, because the time is fixed at the time of creation
  • Recurring tasks can not be reverted back to normal one-time tasks, they can only be deleted and rebuilt

How do I use my weekly tasks?
Review assistant: weekly review, monthly review, quarterly review
Regular tasks reminder assistant: regular maintenance of items, regular replacement of cartridges, toothbrushes, etc.
Mutual assistance with habits.
Periodic tasks cover a wider range of time than the habit cycle
Habits are more free to set the weekday and number of times, but only support the cycle by week

Events #

A special matter, can not be completed, you can see event as a special record, such as a friend’s birthday
The initial purpose is to let the memories stay on your plan page, so that it is convenient for your subsequent review
If you think the plan page should not have items that can not be completed, it is recommended not to turn tasks into activities 😂 (a button to customize whether you can complete the activity will be added later)

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