📃 Lists

A primitive but powerful list sorting TAB function

Organize all your to-do’s

Adding a tag to a task when you add it is equivalent to emphasizing to yourself the background and goal of the task, which can significantly increase your motivation to complete it.
At the same time, categorizing and managing your to-do list can also make your life more organized, and by sticking to it for a while, your life will become easier without you realizing it.

Customize all your categories
The color and title of the list are customizable, and when you add a task to the list, the task will be labeled with this list
This is how the little helper is categorized
On the schedule page, it will be displayed like this:

Isn’t it vivid all of a sudden?
You can also customize your list to make your schedule page clear at a glance.

Schedule things from the list
Rather than writing the daily plan directly on the plan page, I like to put the tasks on the big screen according to the categories first in the list, and then drag from the list to the plan.
The advantage of this is that the “I choose to do it here” autonomy is significantly higher than “fill the time with tasks”.

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