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Some users will ask us when to update, our app is automatically updated by default, basically do not need to manually click, in the manually update the situation, we will notify you in the discord group by @ everyone. Future updates will be posted here regularly ❤

2023.4 Update Log

Monthly Payment launched!

$2.99 per month

Be ready for Elisi AI soon!

2023.1 Update Log

Android Widget online!

Put widget on your Android Phone and check your tasks more easily !(iOS widget online in 2022.6)

What can widget do:

  • Read today’s to-dos and habits
  • Automatically hide completed tasks
  • Recently created task appears first

2022.10-2022.12 Update Log

  1. Black Friday Special🛒 lifelong premium 30% off
  2. Global community online! Discord entrance, welcome to play!
  3. Notes template online! You can now record your daily review in your notes through quick templates!
    There are currently 5 templates available:
    KPT: Keep Problem Try
    Morning Starter: Focus on three things
    OKR: Objective Objective Reflective Feelings Interpretive Meaning Decisional Action
    Daily Reflection:Daily record, gratitude, and summary
    Regular Diary: Mood, Weather, Record
    You can also provide your template to the group!
  4. rename Diary to “Mood” and focus on tracking your emotions

2022.7-2022.9 Update Log

  1. Start the school season activities
  2. Android support WeChat payment, lifetime membership online
  3. IOS 16 latest lock screen component adaptation
  4. Experience optimization: automatic line feed, automatic slide to the bottom of the notes, Apple login verification problem solved, fix the loading delay problem
  5. Elisi community is open, where you can participate in activities, exchange prizes, and speak freely: community entrance
  6. Huawei app store and oppo app store on the shelves, please give us a review 💚 Thank you (other stores in the review process)

2022.4-2022.6 changelog
IOS Elisi update: Widgets are online! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Click here to see the detailed widget feature introduction
○ Also updated the red dot display on IOS, the number is equal to your today’s to-do count, which is the number of tasks that will be displayed on the widget

In the new version of Elisi 4.0 IOS, you can add 4*4 widgets to your desktop now!
● The widget will read your to-do list for today, that is, today’s items in the schedule page
The first version is designed with simplicity and practicality as the main concept.

  1. fixed a lot of small problems, thanks to everyone’s feedback in the group, about other features of the reminder we also received
  2. updated the mechanism of using the exchange code! By the way, here is a wave of benefits.
    We have updated a more convenient way to get membership for some of you who can’t see the redemption portal! If you have Elisi installed, open this link 👇
    ● https://api.elisiapp.com/r/YQG1J2Z9
    You can directly call up Elisi and automatically add one month membership for you!
    Each user can get it once, and if you want to extend your membership, you can invite your friends in your account – Share to increase the membership length without any limit.
    2022.2-2022.4 changelog
  3. Fix the problem of white screen in the background of IOS for too long
  4. add the function of redemption code, the entrance is at the bottom of account-membership-“redemption code”.
  5. Invite to get membership function, now friends scan your QR code to download, you can automatically get a month membership
  6. start developing IOS small plug-in
  7. Any comments can be posted to Rabbit Nest
  8. This help center is placed in the menu bar – blog
    2021.12-2022.2 changelog
  9. added budget function for expenses.
  10. a quick add target button in the lower target filter bar.
  11. UI adjustment of the upper date switch navigation bar, and adjustment of the button display for quick return to today.
  12. the Chinese blog on line, which will be continuously updated in the future.
  13. the optimization of the dark mode adaptation that follows the system, you can choose whether to follow the system in the account – settings.
  14. the unzip-and-go installation package for Windows uploaded to the bottom of the home page.
  15. the tips at the bottom of the achievements page are now in Chinese, and the store profile is now in Chinese.
  16. fixed some minor issues, such as showing the new list in the new workspace.

Features that may be implemented in the coming months.

  1. WeChat payment has been implemented ✔
  2. Editing optimization of notes ing
  3. Overall structured UI update, member status display ing
    Any questions suggestions, do not hesitate to come to Elisi little helper! WeChat is elisielisi, for a limited time issued free membership experience in 💨
    More tutorial video content, welcome to the Little Red Book Elisi App to view

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