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There is a lot we can say about notes, and there are countless successful products on the market.
As a basic tool for knowledge storage, we have also learned about the methodology behind notes.
Why are Elisi’s notes so simple?

Compared to graphic & mind map style knowledge organization, Elisi is more of a place for you to store your flash ideas, supplemented by the structured function of subnotes, so that you can do a preliminary storage of the knowledge points you recorded quickly. As for more in-depth personal knowledge base organization, we suggest you use the double-linked notes that are currently popular on the market.
The template feature is helpful for those who like to review in the form of small essays.
For further organization, such as building your own knowledge base, we recommend using Elisi with a large screen and with other cloud documents to output the final version of your notes you want.
We can guarantee :

  1. Elisi’s notes are permanently stored and will not get lost
  2. The structure of notes has unlimited levels and can connect lists with targets
  3. Notes features will continue to be updated for better use, such as adding Markdown as standard.

Template #

When you create a new note, you will find a quick template to choose from. Currently we only made 5 templates, you can also make your own daily template by simply copy and paste and share it (if popular enough, it may appear in the official fixed template).

The 5 templates are applicable to different scenarios, so here is a brief introduction for you.

  1. General Diary
    As the name suggests, a simple and quick little record for those of you who like to write something random every day.
    ● Mood: How are you feeling today?
    ● Weather: How is the weather today?
    ● Diary content: Write about what happened today.
  2. Morning Diary
    It is suitable for those who have some requirements for daily efficiency and want to keep a sense of life ritual.
    ● Three things I’m grateful for today
    ● Three things I want to focus on today
    ● What can I do today to make my goals more attainable?
    ● How do I want to feel at the end of the day?
  3. Daily Summary
    A more focused summary template than the morning journal for the rationalist, organized you, containing today’s goals and immediate feedback, as well as a gratitude journal.
    ● Today’s goal
    ● What happened
    ● What I’m grateful for today
    ● Actions accomplished today
  4. KPT Review
    A template focused on problem solving for those of you who don’t have much time and want to keep an ongoing record of your progress against problems. It is a widely used method for workplace and academic management, so use this idea to think about it every day when you are facing difficulties.
    ● Goals: Fill in your plans/goals
    ● Current status/results.
    ● Keep
    What are the details, operations, that can be kept up?
    ● Problem
    What problems have been encountered? What are the areas that need further thought and solution?● Try: What can I try to do?
  5. OKR Review
    A more macro and in-depth review, you will find this ORID template is very deep, you can first based on your own understanding to use, this is a set of deep thinking model, can be applied to review, can also be applied to plan development. For your current goals and key results, think about them regularly as follows to help you adjust and grow in time.
    ● Goals: Fill in your plan/goals
    ● O: Objective (statement of objective facts)
    ● R: Reflective (perceive your own reactions)
    ● I: Interpretive (interpreting meaning and value)
    ● D: Decisional (internalize into goals and actions)

Any other ways to add information besides typing?
● App that can share links externally, such as Quora, supports sharing information to Elisi’s notes.
Will we consider adding graphics?
This is a feature we expect to complete within 2022 (if we find a suitable and reliable beds). Images can be added to notes and minimize the loading latency issues caused by images.
Global search
Notes support global search, so you can quickly locate them.
In the next new version we will enable global search for all modules.
Structure view
Notes are divided into structure view and time view. In the structure view, notes can be managed hierarchically by subnotes.

Sub-note association method:
Click on the parent note to create a subnote
Click on an existing note and select “Move to”, then select its parent note

Click + in the plan and list pages to add notes quickly

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