⌛ Habits

The most effortless and simple way to transform your life that needs no further introduction: make it a habit.
How do those highly self-disciplined people do always efficient? The answer is often: habituation.
Habit formation is a proven method of boosting effectiveness, saving willpower and allowing your self-discipline to form naturally.

Completion methods
Set your clock-in days in the completion method of habit setting.
e.g. 2 random days per week to complete vs. 2 days per week on a designated weekend
Habits with a designated day can optionally show up in the weekly to-do (planning page) as a □ task (to-do is ○ task)

Habits with fixed dates, such as weekends per week (instead of 2 days per week), will appear with the option to show in the to-do, and you can see it in the plan when it is turned on.

Keeping a daily record will result in a streak, so compete with your friends for the highest streak of word memorization habits

You can specify the number of completions per day
e.g. 8 cups of water will have to be checked 8 times before the completed status will be shown ✅

A number will be shown if you exceed the number of completed times

Customary compact layout
Tap the top left corner ≡ to switch the customary display, the compact layout is displayed as follows

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