Announcing Diary and Structured Notes

We recently published a release that contains two very useful features.

The first is a brand new diary module, in which you can track mood and the things you are working on, and make short notes. From our experience, keeping a diary helps a lot during turbulent times.

The second new feature is an update to the note widget, to make it able to create and view structured notes.

Notes are usually kept together in a folder-file manner. The concept is simple, but in the real world it always becomes messy. We tend to end up either with a huge number of folders, or only a few folders, but with many notes in each of them. The system steadily loses usability over time.

The alternative is to gather relevant notes under a parent note. Opposing opinions and agreeing opinions can all be collected under the original opinion. Gradually, this system grows into a massive tree structure, in which you can track the progression of a thought.

We like structured notes so much that we decided they should be a part of Elisi.

To use structured notes, simply switch to the Structured View from the sidebar.

We hope you like these new features.