April 2020 App Update

It’s been a while since our last update, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t updated the app. On the contrary, it has received many updates, including the following.

  • A better onboarding experience: We were told that onboarding was confusing, as it made users jump from module to module without any clear guidance of what to expect. The new version should be much clearer, and doesn’t require you to unlock your modules in a certain order.
  • App open speed: We identified why Elisi was prevented from loading quickly on mobile devices. The result is a much faster load time, in all conditions. In our tests, some devices loaded in as little as one-fifth of the time required by the older version.
  • More languages supported: We have added language support for Japanese, Dutch, Turkish, and traditional Chinese. We hope that people all over the world can use Elisi to live life with more confidence.
  • New sidebar: We changed Elisi’s bottom bar to a new sidebar. This allowed us to move other lesser-used functions and settings into the sidebar. The benefit is less clutter on the main screen, which is where you spend most of your time.
  • Revamped task details page: the previous version was cumbersome to use, with many functionalities nested in show more, and others spread all over the place. This new version is a vast improvement. You can see your list, time, and goals more clearly, and you can also change the settings much more directly. On top of that, we devoted even more screen real estate to what really matters on this page: the task details and subtasks section. Now it’s much easier for you to jot down notes and subtasks while working on a task.
  • Habit streaks in planner view: if you show your habits in the planner view and are also hooked to habit streaks, this is for you.

We hope our users are enjoying Elisi as much as they should. If you have any suggestions or user stories that you’d like to tell us about, you’re welcome: hello@elisiapp.com