How to Create the Perfect Book Log in Your Bullet Journal

By Elisi Studios

If you are an organized planner and a reader, a book log may be a great way to track all those awesome books you’ve read this year. Using a book log in your bullet journal is a great way to track what you’ve read, reflect on the things you’ve learned, and accomplish your reading goals.

Keep reading for some ideas, tips, and tricks for creating your book log in time for the new year.

If You Want to Keep It Simple

If you want to keep a book log, but you want to start small, start by creating a list in your bullet journal. Make columns for some organization, titling them with a column for the book name, the author, and the genre.

If you want, you can add a final section for your own personal notes and ratings, which can be great for giving friends some recommendations. You can also make a list of the books you want to read, checking them off and rating them as you complete them. 

Motivate Yourself with a Reading Challenge 

A reading challenge can be a great way to accomplish your reading goals, especially when you challenge a friend or loved one. You can try challenging yourself to read outside of your comfort zone, or a wider range of book genres with this idea. 

Are you feeling you need to read more female authors? Challenge yourself to read books with a certain amount of different females writers. Maybe you only read fiction and want to read more non-fiction, self-help or autobiographies for some extra inspiration this year. 

Find an online reading challenge for ideas, or create your own with friends or members of your book club. This can be a great way to create some friendly competition both with yourself or others, which will motivate more regular reading habits. 

Chart Your Progress 

Charting your progress is a great way to see how you’re doing with your reading goals or challenges. This is especially great if you’re the kind of person who prefers to read two books at once.

If you’re reading a thrilling fiction book as well as a book about starting your own business, you can track which one your favoring and reading more. This will allow you to know where you need to catch up with the other to stay on track. 

Use your bullet journal pages to create a chart. Create a key, using each color to represent a certain book. On one side of your graph, number the days of the month, and on the other put page ranges or numbers.

This will help you track your daily reading right down to the number of pages you read per day. 

Incorporate a Book Log into Your Bullet Journal Today 

Try these book log ideas to start off the new year right, accomplishing all your reading goals. This is a great idea for any book worm, book club leader, or someone who wants to make reading a new priority in their life. 

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