If You are A College Student, You Need This App

Amid packing to live in a dorm or apartment, registering for classes, and buying books, students might overlook the software that can make their school careers easier, especially if it’s not required for their classes. However, apps like Elisi can make your life easier. Elisi is a digital bullet journal for anyone who finds that a physical journal is easily misplaced or not easy enough to browse. With apps for phones, tablets, and PCs, Elisi brings the Bujo experience wherever you might be.

Elisi stands apart from other note-taking and productivity apps because it’s based on the bujo ethos. Students won’t just add tasks. Instead, you’ll add tasks to lists, which allow you to group each class or specific activities together.

You can also use Elisi for on-the-fly note-taking during class or as you study. You can quickly search notes via text to find what you’re looking for. The app allows for bookmarking notes that are important or need to be referenced frequently. Elisi is especially useful for students because notes are associated with the week in which they were created.

One unique function of this app is the ability to create and track habits. If you want to make sure that you read or workout, you can enter the habit into Elisi and specify which days of the week you’d like to participate in this habit.

Along with these capabilities, Elisi comes with a planner that can be set to a daily or weekly view depending on which information you need to see now. Add classes, sports, appointments, and even social commitments to the app to make sure you don’t miss anything. Each of these entries can then be added to a list. Elisi’s planner works well for one-off activities, while the habits function is ideal for recurring tasks.

Each note, task, list, or habit can be associated with a goal, and Elisi tracks your progress to keep you accountable. The app’s “Goal Mode” helps you focus on specify tasks without distraction, and you can easily switch back to weekly view when you need to. While setting goals is optional, and users don’t have to depend on every aspect of Elisi, the app’s features work together to create a comprehensive organizational scheme.

Elisi syncs all of this across your devices, so there’s no excuse not to use it. You always have at least one device on you, and the digitization means there’s no worry about misplacing information if you lose your planner. Elisi is free to sign up, so there’s no risk involved. Try it today!