Best Habit Tracking Apps to Help You Get Your Life Together

Everyone has good and bad habits. It’s what makes up our daily activities from that first coffee in the morning to that last cigarette before bed. We all want to create better habits in our life, so we can be successful and healthy, but it’s not always easy to do. In fact, it can be incredibly hard.

The best habit tracking apps not only help you chart your existing habits but help you create new ones that benefit your life. We’ve tracked down some of the best apps out there.  We hope they’ll provide you success in developing good habits and eliminating the bad.

The Best Habit Tracking Apps Include Momentum

If you’re an iPhone fan, then you’ll want to pick up the Momentum app. It’s exclusive to iPhone, sorry Android users. It’s a wonderful app for tracking routines and habits, but also features the ability to extract data to Excel.

Anyone that loves data management knows how important Excel can be. What’s great is anything compatible with Excel you can use for your habit management.

Habitica Makes Habit Tracking Fun

One of the hardest parts of habit tracking is actually using the app. It can sit there unused for weeks, but Habitica makes it easy. Anyone that has played role-playing games knows they are heavily goal and quest-based.

It helps track your habits but also keeps you interested through quests and other gamification aspects. You can level up your character and so much more. If you like games, then Habitica is the habit tracker for you.

Social Networking for Habit Trackers

One of the hardest aspects of tracking and learning new habits is that it can be lonely. Habitshare lets you create a circle of friends that you can talk with and discuss your problems and triumphs. There’s even a messaging option to contact people directly.

It’s great for anyone struggling with motivation or needs someone to talk to when things get tough. It’s like Facebook for habit trackers.

You Can Get on a Winning Streak

Streak is another iOS tracking app that provides a variety of tracking and classification options and isn’t too difficult to learn. The interface is simple and you can track several habits at one time. There are even special icons for each one.

Siri can interact with the app by assigning specific phrases for habits such as drinking water or exercising. There are many benefits of good habits and this app can help you achieve them. 

Be Productive with Productive

What makes Productive great is that it helps promote healthy habits and motivates you to get more out of your life. By doing the good habits over and over again, it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

The app motivates you to keep doing these good habits. A lifelog shows a green dot for every day you worked on your tracked habits.

Good Habits Start with the First Day

Good habits are hard to start and bad habits are hard to stop. We all want to get healthier and be more productive, but we can’t always do it on our own. The best habit tracking apps work with you and motivate you to be a better person.

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